Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Normal Service Resumed at Greenhow

OK, so blogs are a little sparse at the moment and just to enhance their scarcity value I'm going to roll three into one this week.

This week (26th September) has been declared a washout after two days of horrendous rain.  Last week was boggy enough despite Phillip's gallant attempts to lay down brushwood walkways and I suspect that today there would be standing water where we'd be standing and slithering.  We don't cancel often so I hope evryone is comfortable with the decision.

Last week saw an excellent turnout (11 brave souls at my count) in OK-ish weather conditions -chilly but dry and good progress was made with the second and third stints.  We've decided to tackle one more stretch before bidding farewell to Greenhow for the winter.

On 12th September the group offered one of its twice-yearly taster days on behalf of the AONB.  Numbers have been a bit disappointing of late but, given the kind of weather we were 'blessed' with, it was frankly amazing that two people were brave/daft enough to join us, as were 8 members who rallied to the call for help with the taster day.  Thanks everyone and particular thanks to David and Catherine for tasting some pretty wet conditions at Greenhow.  We hope you enjoyed yourselves and that you'll join us again sometime.

For those of you keen to see more photographic evidence of the group at work, Richard the Elder has loaded 101 (!) snapshots on to DropBox (eh?) at!/home/Drystone

Next week, we can all blog about what we did with our day off. Second thought; maybe not!

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