Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Well, you know, what with Christmas and all ..

... we may not have been walling much but somehow, almost by magic, the Markenfield Wall continues to grow.

Today Emma I, Catriona, Graham, Phillip, Barry, both Richards and your humble chairman all turned out in rather pleasant conditions for the time of year to knock another foot or so off the 2.5 kilometres of park pale.  Actually it turned out to be several yards rather than a foot or so and rather good looking it's turning out to be even though we says it ourselves as shouldn't.

We're still coping without coping stones but Ian Curteis and the Markenfield farmer have offered a partial solution.  If we select copes from the cobble mountain behind the barn, they will arrange delivery to site.  Can't say fairer than that.  Please bring ropes, crampons and sherpas next week.

Here's some photographic evidence from previous weeks (look out for Indiana Groves and the Doodle of Doom!) and we hope that those of you who haven't visited Markenfield recently (or at all) will be able/inspired to join us there next week.

That's how you wall round a tree!

Smile, damn you, smile!

Em, here...  I did have my camera with me this week, so here are the pictures for public consumption!

P.S.  Is it the Doodle of Doom or is Barry simply the Raider of the Lost Bark xx

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